Here I am.

Okay kids. This is how it goes down.

Username – Archie is my name. Salt is the first half of my surname. Simple right? Yes it is.

I’ll probably use this to share learned life lessons, reviews about Film, Television and Games. For example. Boyhood – haven’t seen it, want to see it. don’t spoil it please. Next up, Rick and Morty. NICE. An amazing cartoon aired on Adult Swim which is obviously based loosely off Back to the Future, but who the fuck cares when it’s hilarious, deep and original. Finally, Shovel Knight is my 8 bit bae, he cheats on Shield Knight for me because we’re madly in love and his shovel digs really deep, OOOOOOH THE MUSIC, Jake Kaufman you genius.


Listen to this, it’s good.


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