“I’ve been drinking and it’s half one out here. Shut the fuck up.”

Sand. Sex. The summer geography project I haven’t got round to doing.

These se were the main things on my mind laying on a Spanish beach today just outside of Marbella. 


Sand is a dick. It gets everywhere you don’t want it to.




Like I don’t even like sand, why can’t I just come out of yeh sea and not get all fucking sandy is that seriously too much to ask for? 


Sex. What teenage kid doesn’t think about this? God, I need to admit to myself what I need and I need to satisfy these needs now. Things are gonna change this year, I can’t hope  to figure shit out by not participating, I need stuff…thaaaaangs.


Geography summer project…




Yes, I’ve been drinking, Cormac, and it’s half fucking one. So please, shut the fuck up on Skype.




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