“That sentence sounds a bit weird, better change that.”

So, after that lovely story I put out, I just want to say.

I will not write a story in the apocalypse, Sly.


Story Time: Untitled (Work-In-Progress)

I’ve been working on some stories for fun because if you can’t say it then write, this is the first part of the story.

There she stands; immortalised. At the centre of our impossible universe, stands such beauty and prose. One with form beyond comprehension and spiritual belief, many would say she was, in turn, an entity above. God on Earth. And there was I, swallowed by the pumped leather chair and clamped by the effects of untainted alcohol and bad decisions.

The star in the sky sunk into the cold ground as the informal gathering proceeded into the night. The terraced house that belonged to owner A was transformed into a forum, a nightclub and a church – all working together to satisfy all. Many guests, like me, have stumbled into this place by the electro-wildfire that is more popularly recognised as the Internet. And thank above for this night, for my mind turns, tumbles into disparity, into death, one second, counting down, till the clock hits zero and all will be done – I will be the food for my children. Yet the night persists and I have a bottle of ‘enter-here’ chilled beer. I need to move and find other focus.

For the many months before, I have expectantly created new thoughts – ones my young mind should never think, for they make me wonder beyond comprehension, into eternal nothingness as I depart this world and fertilize this earth as a ‘thank you’ card for the existing part of life. Before, I was a merry fellow with hope and aspirations to capture this life in a single frame; art. Art is a conversation from one person to another yet every time it’s different for everyone. This entices me.

I’m in the house, in the garden, in the leather chair that is bolted to the oak flooring of this ‘den’.  And she walked in…

Note: I’m trying to find a style that I like, so that’s why the pacing is weird. I’m looking at James Joyce, Chuck Palahniuk and Samuel Beckett with some Bronte in there.

Existentialism & Cheese

Life’s too short.

A strange statement that can be argued or agreed upon, yet we must consider this seriously. As I browse the vast world of the internet, listening to childhood RnB songs and eating a cheese sandwich, I have an unwelcoming revelation; I will die. Shit. 

Not that I’m going to die straightaway, I mean ‘Geez, keep the coffin in the closet’. I mean that at some point in our lives, the survival rate drops to zero (thanks, Fight Club). Which is true, but I can’t ravel my head around the concept. Others might say ‘But you got God, y’all be fine’ – however in recent times, I lost my religious touch, one day I’m off to church, the next I break all the commandments. Even if I class myself as a Catholic, it doesn’t make this situation any easier. This little moment has made me look back at what I’ve done in these couple of decades, some moments weren’t pretty and some were the greatest times.

Though, most of my achievements and enjoyment has been in the last two years, I worked hard, I actually got fit (not healthy) and I became more sociable – I’ve been so happy.

But, that stop tonight. Maybe it’s the fear of going back to college knowing it’s gonna be the hardest year of my life. It’s also gonna be the hectic year of my life. On the other hand, it’s gonna be the most life-changing experience of a year because of loads of things; prom, parties, holidays, date nights, nights out, night drives, driving lessons, school lessons, life lessons, love, hate, peace and war (not really). So, this is where I leave this post – I realize that all I needed to do was talk and the feeling is gone.

For anyone else feeling crap, look back then forward – death is only the last page, you have to write the rest of the story.

Big C, out.

Not The End Of The World…Entirely.

Today will be marked as the ‘game changer’ or ‘what the hell, Gove’. In the UK, thousands of students would of received their AS/A level results and in a majority of cases, students have failed to meet the targets; boo-hoo. I know this because on this day, I received my results and let me assure you, they weren’t prodigious.

In Spooky Plum’s previous remark, he explained the nonsense of the grading in some subjects, particularly English Literature (this also had an effect on me) or the fact that I could be wrong. This ‘mistake’ (even mine or the examiners) has now made me tumble into a state of comprehension; a state that has made me think about my future doings. It has made me ask certain questions – ‘What next? Should I stay or should I go?’ – though, I wish to not embellish this. I will continue college with the grades I have, there has to be challenge.

Thomas Edison once said, “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

Big C, out.


Hello all,

I am called Big C because I have a very large co- co-….comic book collection. I joke of course, it mainly consists of The Walking Dead (all of it is The Walking Dead). Anyway, I guess these are just a few things you would like to know about me:

  • One; I love films, I like watching, making, writing about and talking about films. They are the very make-up of my being.
  • Two; I am the creator of this blog – this is the way I improve my writing and critical reviewing in general.
  • Three; I’m a nice guy – seriously.

Stage 1: The Beginning Of An Era

Greetings all,

You must wondering where you have stumbled? Why is it so empty? And why your auntie Ginny made you come here? (hem hem – moving on) Well, my good fellow, you have landed yourself in the land of The Badass Nerds – a group of arrogant, horrible but cheerful people you will encounter in the following posts.

Our charade of conversing began in the form of online messaging and regular meet-ups, and now after several discussions we’ve decided to branch out and present our messages and opinions on the internet in the hope that we will gain an audience and improve our ‘blogging’.