The Babadook – a film about life’s real horrors


Where does fear come from? Jen Izaakson, PhD student and revolutionary socialist, examines this question through a psychoanalytic review of new horror film, The Babadook.


If we accept the psychoanalytic stance of a ‘continual return of the repressed’, ghosts and demons offer a way to battle unconscious psychic constellations of horror that would otherwise torment us with little recourse. It’s far easier to combat a physical monster than transform our own inner treacherous and debilitating states, to which we are truly vulnerable.

One of the ‘horror movies’ released in time for Halloween this year is Australian film, The Babadook. The content is about far greater fears than a boogeyman. Of course, The Babadook, is literally a creepy monster who comes to scare you at nighttime, but the film shows just what being afraid of ghosts or monsters is – projection, paranoia and attempt to externalise and combat our own feelings…

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Going, Going, by Philip Larkin

The Poetry Room

Larkin wrote this poem in 1972. How much more evocative is it today?

The title ‘Going, Going’ is the key to the whole poem. In Larkin’s view, what is ‘going’ is the landscape of England as a green and pleasant land. It is being replaced by shoddy development, summed up by the auctioneer’s excited cry of ‘going, going’ as another piece of the old heritage falls under the hammer. Going, going, but not yet quite gone. Larkin once thought it would ‘last his time’. Now he doubts that.

The poem has a disarmingly conversational tone, which belies the bleakness of what Larkin is saying. This tone is partly contrived by the rhyming pattern of each six line stanza: A B C A B C, which makes for a more open quality than couplets, for example, would have done. Right from the start he has a disillusioned air about the future…

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So I was thinking… Debate 1

Yeah so a potential idea for this blog was to ask questions and in the comments section of the post, discuss thoughts and opinions…. a debate.

So I ask the question;

Should governments around the world be turning to greener and more renewable energy resources such as wind, solar, tidal and wave power? Or to keep sustainable economic growth, should we continue with ‘business as usual’ with fossil fuels?

What about nuclear power?

Many countries over the world are tied into reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, yet only a number are making an effort.

Is there any point in trying to turn to greener energy? Or seeing as the ‘tipping point’ may have been passed already, does humanity begin to prepare and adapt for the inevitable consequences of global warming?

Renewable or ‘business as usual’? Mitigate or adapt?

“I’ve been drinking and it’s half one out here. Shut the fuck up.”

Sand. Sex. The summer geography project I haven’t got round to doing.

These se were the main things on my mind laying on a Spanish beach today just outside of Marbella. 


Sand is a dick. It gets everywhere you don’t want it to.




Like I don’t even like sand, why can’t I just come out of yeh sea and not get all fucking sandy is that seriously too much to ask for? 


Sex. What teenage kid doesn’t think about this? God, I need to admit to myself what I need and I need to satisfy these needs now. Things are gonna change this year, I can’t hope  to figure shit out by not participating, I need stuff…thaaaaangs.


Geography summer project…




Yes, I’ve been drinking, Cormac, and it’s half fucking one. So please, shut the fuck up on Skype.



“The siren call of the blowjob renders all men powerless. That’s how girls trick ya into marryin’ them!”

Never a truer statement.

Well the first part, anyway.

So this summer has half been about experiencing shit, catching up with new and old friends alike and trying to find myself.

“That is about the gayest thing I’ve ever heard.” Yep, Nathan Young, you’re right.

Trying to find ‘who you are’ is one of the most stupid things I ever thought of attempting. Why should I, or we find ourselves? It isn’t our purpose, not our objective, or vocation.

Instead of bending the knee(s) *hue* to society’s expectations, why can’t I simply get on with my life without giving a fuck about who I am, who I will be, and just enjoy my seemingly ignorant-stupor, my desire to learn, and my complete confused-as-shit head and trust it to do as it will?

Something happened today which I didn’t expect to. Nobody knows what happened. What I did.

But it was incredible. Something I hadn’t experienced in nearing on a year and a half.

It’s one of those rare moments where you question yourself whether you do tell your closest friends, and realise that is surprisingly more satisfactory to remain in tranquil privacy, remaining mute. 

Finding who I am? Fuck off, I’m quite happy with myself at the moment. Experiences like today prove there is still opportunities to get, or become what I want to. There is always a chance, somewhere, no matter what anybody else says.NATHANYOUNG

“We fucked up, bigger and better than any generation that came before us!”

Three fitting Nathan Young quotes, ffs how right can a cynical, sarcastic, quite optimistic arsehole actually be?

Always, is the answer.

INTRODUCING- theslywhisperer

Originally, for my first post, I intended to give a quick summary of the TV shows, games and hobbies I’m into. Just show a little information about myself.

The Walking Dead was to be one such show I would mention. Survival. Degradation. Instinct. Aspects I have pure interests in. Survival in a post-apocalyptic wilderness requires not only courage, or intelligence, yet also the determination or will to prosper.

In today’s society, those traits are vital to succeeding and achieving. a majority of people have these traits, and some of these people attend colleges, sixth forms, universities or other forms of education in their climb. Today, Thursday 14th July, was the results day for AS and A Level students throughout the United Kingdom.

The results shocked and pleased everybody. Some even experienced both emotions. I was one of those few.

Not only have recent changes in the education system totally screwed some people over, I have luckily been spared. However, in the process of dodging this bullet, I have succumbed to another; the arrogance of a minority of examiners.

The moment you find out not only yourself, yet the entire groups around you have been screwed over by someone in control of your potential near futures is infuriating.

Now THAT, is what betrayal feels like, Tyrion Lannister.

In the end, whenever you hear an examiner, not your teacher or guider, but examiner say ‘We really do want you to achieve to the best of your ability’, just remember who they truly are.



Liars and cheats everywhere.