Cutman analysis-Mega Man 1

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ID No-DLN 003



Design Choices-The most notable design choice for this robot master, if the only one is the “Rolling Cutter” on top of his head, which is his primary attack and works by the scissor-blades being thrown at the target and due to them being made of ceramic titanium, cutting through most surfaces relatively easily.

Other-As this was the first robot master ever made, his design is basic yet functional, with the only other notable aspect of his design being his ears being styled after scissor-handles, to fit with the scissor theme.

This viewing is finished, so i will see you next time, traveler.


Construction Of Workshop: Complete

Hi there random traveller, I see you have found your way here. Big C gave me a significant grant to build this magnificent workshop, and I set up shop in this scrapyard so that I have plenty of parts to pursue my ultimate hobby, building recreations of the Robot Masters and other assorted things from the Mega Man series’ of video games.

Now, I don’t have money  for blueprints (since I spent it all on the box set of the Steel Samurai-oh what, don’t tell me you wouldn’t either) so my designs will be drawn on paper, trying to remain as faithful to the source material as possible. When the design is finished, I will keep it in the workshop and talk about what it was designed for, how this is shown in the design, it’s personality (if it has one), any other things that I find interesting or cool and it’s source material.

Also, just to warn you, only the very best of the designs will be kept in the workshop, so that means that not all of the Robot Masters will be talked about or drawn.

But now, I have bored you for long enough. It is time to step into the lair of the madman and gaze upon the recreations.