Peace’s gush- The Guardians of the Galaxy

Helllooo people, good to see you in the lounge again.

Today, I want to talk about Guardians of the galaxy. There is a warning, this will be a fan gushing. 

Whiners gone? Brilliant. Anyway, I love this film. I have to admit, I havent read the comic books it was based off, but as a new viewer, it really introduced and stuck the characters well into my mind. It was actually really balanced in terms of action and comedy, managing to combine a suprisingly adult sense of humor and quite a few serious scenes for a 12-rated movie with massive bombastic aerial battles.

All of the characters meshed really well together (Rocket and Starlord being my favorites) and it just kept on drawing you in, with no dull moments. As I have said, this is a gush so I may not be making that much sense at the moment. That is fine.

I’ll see you wonderful people later 🙂



WELCOME, to my new digs 🙂 Thanks to the admin, “Big C” giving me this plot of land (Which used to be a graveyard, no less.), I’ve been hard at work building this place up from the ground. It wasn’t easy, I nearly died several times just getting the electrical system in place and the foundations were a nightmare,  but I still did it!

Theres still a little more to do, there’s a slight uprising of the dead caused by my building but I’ll sort that out soon enough. (Hopefully with no gunfire.)

Anyway, until next time 🙂