I can summarize every single exchange I have with females in a single gif.

Now, as far as Spooky Scary Skeletons go I do not chance to deem myself in anyway the inferior in looks to the average Spooky Scary Skeleton yet eternally I am beset with a result so recurrent it is almost enough to bring tears to my eyes…if I had eyes ~Yo ho ho, SKULL JOKE!

But as time and experience endured, I found insecurity and paranoia to be omnipresent companions and beyond the grave, I tell ya, you do not have that many.As a result, I became quite to bitter bag of bones to the point where I refused to even consider the possibility that I might be the subject of amorous affections of any such variety. Alas, the heart I once had was destined to be a lone one until the day I died…again…
Such was this ignorance, I even wound up hurting people who I would later find out all too late from the wrong people truly did care. In retrospect, there never was a bigger numbskull, nor a greater bonehead than I once paranoia and a pitiful self esteem ruined my young skeletal self and I am thankful beyond all measure of thanks to those few friends that remained at my side.

But to the point of this post.
Change is not something that can be done on a whim or by force of will. There has to be a fundamental trigger to prompt personal change and this comes about in the form of either a point of desperation or a point of inspiration. While presumably self-explanatory, allow me to quickly elaborate.

Point of Inspiration
Life is consisted almost entirely of chances and coincidences. From the lucky pound coin you found winning you £10 in the lottery to that missed bus that sat you side by side with your future partner at a bus shelter in the rain or that one rotten plum you chanced eating. How could you have known it would have been that bad? How were you to know it would wind up killing you? How was I supposed to know that witchdoctors went around cursing random plums to feed innocent bystanders and resurrect them as some monstrous abomination of existance, eternally separated from all mankind and those I once knew and forced to scrape by a living performing like an animal. I cannot even cry for my lack of tears to shed, all I am is a shell unable to-

Moving on…

A Point of Inspiration comes when one of these chances is so benevolent as to bless the individual with an idea and that idea works its way to imagination. As my good man Blaise Pascal (better known for his triangular related shenanigans) once so neatly put it, “Imagination decides everything.” If a thought never occurs then it is impossible for action to occur as a result and that is where a Point of Inspiration comes in. Sparking off the thought and prompting imagination and leading to change.
Perhaps this is the less effective of the two methods in the sole similarity it has to a whimsical change.
It remains, most of the time, a choice over whether or not change occurs.
Man, as an animal, tends to opt for the best route for itself and itself alone with few (albeit noble and wholly congratulated) exceptions. In this, change often presents itself as the more difficult route, the route that requires the most effort and stress and effort and stress are legitimately intimidating prospects. Nobody wishes suffering upon themselves outside of kinks I have no wish to know more than necessary of and therefore instinct tells us to avoid such routes.

As you may recall, however, I spoke of another method of change. One that I feel to be infinitely more effective and the one that personally forced, not prompted, forced me to change for the infinitely better.

Point of Desperation.
As much as life is full of cute and quirky chances, it is always saturated with struggle. Life is a monster we all need to fight and it is a fight that never ceases until the day life finally gets the better of us and we are forcibly pried apart by Death playing referee in the bout. Nobody wins the fight against life, it is the equivalent of watching the first half of Rocky III on loop, up until Rocky gets his salad well and truly tossed by Mr T. There is no training montage to Survivor that lets us win. No training with Apollo Creed gives us any tricks and the death of Mickey doesn’t fire us up to victory.
It fires us up to go back and fight.

We will never win the fight against life, but by hell, human tenacity will not let us be knocked out easily. I mean, hell, look at me still kicking without muscles or brains tissue or anything to speak of aside from these rattling set of bones.

How do I even function..?

I am most alert somewhere between 10pm- 1am in an ironic kick in the shin by fate which means I think and reflect a lot when I lay back in my sarcophagus in those unholy hours of the night. Similarly, back then, I had worked into a point where I was convinced that the world hated me as much as I hated it in return. I shall not turn this into an angst blog (I’m a freaking animated skeleton/plum hybrid) but I shall say that I held a lot of violent thoughts up in my head.

I hit my rock bottom.

That is where the Point of Desperation becomes so effective. When deprived of choice, we inadvertently create a choice that is no choice at all; take the only route available or drive until the rocky road becomes a road of broken glass. The Point of Desperation flips the Point of Inspiration on its head and converts the difficult option into the comparatively simpler one. We recognize that carrying on as we are is impractical or in some cases lethal. We say to ourselves, as I am certain we all have at some point,
“I cannot live like this.”
Leading to two outcomes, one of which being the change we all want and some of us need.

So following my tangle with the despair event horizon, I forced myself to change. I forced myself to detach myself from the world and view it objectively through a third person viewpoint seeing as my own was corrupted and thoroughly twisted by paranoia to be of use.
And I will not say ‘and just like that’ but very soon I saw the world as what it was. It did not hate me, it simply did not understand me for I was refusing to allow it that luxury.
That person did not invite me that place because I had shown no signs of interest.
That person did not speak to me that time because I had been glaring so much.
That person did not show feelings for me because she was waiting for me to do it.

Or it might have been because I’m a fucking Spooky Scary Skeleton.



INTRODUCING- theslywhisperer

Originally, for my first post, I intended to give a quick summary of the TV shows, games and hobbies I’m into. Just show a little information about myself.

The Walking Dead was to be one such show I would mention. Survival. Degradation. Instinct. Aspects I have pure interests in. Survival in a post-apocalyptic wilderness requires not only courage, or intelligence, yet also the determination or will to prosper.

In today’s society, those traits are vital to succeeding and achieving. a majority of people have these traits, and some of these people attend colleges, sixth forms, universities or other forms of education in their climb. Today, Thursday 14th July, was the results day for AS and A Level students throughout the United Kingdom.

The results shocked and pleased everybody. Some even experienced both emotions. I was one of those few.

Not only have recent changes in the education system totally screwed some people over, I have luckily been spared. However, in the process of dodging this bullet, I have succumbed to another; the arrogance of a minority of examiners.

The moment you find out not only yourself, yet the entire groups around you have been screwed over by someone in control of your potential near futures is infuriating.

Now THAT, is what betrayal feels like, Tyrion Lannister.

In the end, whenever you hear an examiner, not your teacher or guider, but examiner say ‘We really do want you to achieve to the best of your ability’, just remember who they truly are.



Liars and cheats everywhere.

Not The End Of The World…Entirely.

Today will be marked as the ‘game changer’ or ‘what the hell, Gove’. In the UK, thousands of students would of received their AS/A level results and in a majority of cases, students have failed to meet the targets; boo-hoo. I know this because on this day, I received my results and let me assure you, they weren’t prodigious.

In Spooky Plum’s previous remark, he explained the nonsense of the grading in some subjects, particularly English Literature (this also had an effect on me) or the fact that I could be wrong. This ‘mistake’ (even mine or the examiners) has now made me tumble into a state of comprehension; a state that has made me think about my future doings. It has made me ask certain questions – ‘What next? Should I stay or should I go?’ – though, I wish to not embellish this. I will continue college with the grades I have, there has to be challenge.

Thomas Edison once said, “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”

Big C, out.

Maybe we’re just shit?

Okay, I never imagined myself to be an angry individual by any measure of the human and spooky scary skeleton/plum hybrid spectrum. I have even at times worried myself how unaffected I can remain in the face of rage inducing circumstance.

When I travelled for two hours to visit a friend, only to learn he had moved to California, I accepted it and went home.
When my boss kept me two hours behind after my shift ended, through to 23:00, I sucked it up for every second I had to.
Even when Game of Thrones killed off Oberyn Martell, I kept tame and mourned in my own silence while the world recovered from its collective mind blowing.

Jests aside, I truly am annoyed

.angry spook

As it may be of some relative knowledge, the combined breath of A level students across the United Kingdom was held as results were handed out. How long did each spend struggling into those grades? How much had they riding on those precious little letters? Varying degrees, I’m sure. Alas, who could recall those whispered warning from what seems a lifetime away of one man’s wretched snatch at pointless remembrance? The words ‘altered grade boundaries’ and ‘twatalaureate’ ‘baccalaureate’  must have seemed to some ears like the name of Miraak to the Solstheim citizen’s in the Skyrim dlc Dragonborn. Certainly, we knew the words but could not quite recall why or where.

Well today we remembered.

From moved goalposts, we realized all too late that we aimed for goalposts now tossed casually over the shoulder by none other than every teacher (and of course, every student’s) favorite former minister of Education

.Michael Gove on a school visit
But I am not a political blog and I have no intention of becoming one, so instead, I’ll do the good Gove a favour and leave him be. Lord knows I can say nothing that has not been said already. I mean…I could try… uh…

List of nice things I can say about the Majestic Mr Gove
1) He’s a snappy dresser

Obligatory politician blame and shame out of the way, I’ll cut to the heart of it.
We have been screwed over, massively screwed over. Unfair does not even begin to describe it and believe me when I say I understand the anger.

But, unpopular opinion, we were warned.
We were told to expect BS and we got it. Honestly, I’m rather surprised some turned out as well as they did.

So, unfair as it might have been, we had an idea of what to prepare for. So, if you were expecting your shiny A in English Literature but instead wound up staring at a fat fucking C curling up to take a dump on any future aspirations you may have had, you could blame the exam boards or the politicians or even your teachers
or you could take a step back and think ‘maybe I just did shit…’

Cutman analysis-Mega Man 1

image image

ID No-DLN 003



Design Choices-The most notable design choice for this robot master, if the only one is the “Rolling Cutter” on top of his head, which is his primary attack and works by the scissor-blades being thrown at the target and due to them being made of ceramic titanium, cutting through most surfaces relatively easily.

Other-As this was the first robot master ever made, his design is basic yet functional, with the only other notable aspect of his design being his ears being styled after scissor-handles, to fit with the scissor theme.

This viewing is finished, so i will see you next time, traveler.

Construction Of Workshop: Complete

Hi there random traveller, I see you have found your way here. Big C gave me a significant grant to build this magnificent workshop, and I set up shop in this scrapyard so that I have plenty of parts to pursue my ultimate hobby, building recreations of the Robot Masters and other assorted things from the Mega Man series’ of video games.

Now, I don’t have money  for blueprints (since I spent it all on the box set of the Steel Samurai-oh what, don’t tell me you wouldn’t either) so my designs will be drawn on paper, trying to remain as faithful to the source material as possible. When the design is finished, I will keep it in the workshop and talk about what it was designed for, how this is shown in the design, it’s personality (if it has one), any other things that I find interesting or cool and it’s source material.

Also, just to warn you, only the very best of the designs will be kept in the workshop, so that means that not all of the Robot Masters will be talked about or drawn.

But now, I have bored you for long enough. It is time to step into the lair of the madman and gaze upon the recreations.

Geminibuster update

Hi there, to avoid clogging up the main blog, all of my posts from now on will be in the Gemini’s Workshop category, so take a gander in there if you wanna learn about some of the Robot Masters from the Mega Man series or just listen to some nerdy stuff.

Peace’s gush- The Guardians of the Galaxy

Helllooo people, good to see you in the lounge again.

Today, I want to talk about Guardians of the galaxy. There is a warning, this will be a fan gushing. 

Whiners gone? Brilliant. Anyway, I love this film. I have to admit, I havent read the comic books it was based off, but as a new viewer, it really introduced and stuck the characters well into my mind. It was actually really balanced in terms of action and comedy, managing to combine a suprisingly adult sense of humor and quite a few serious scenes for a 12-rated movie with massive bombastic aerial battles.

All of the characters meshed really well together (Rocket and Starlord being my favorites) and it just kept on drawing you in, with no dull moments. As I have said, this is a gush so I may not be making that much sense at the moment. That is fine.

I’ll see you wonderful people later 🙂


WELCOME, to my new digs 🙂 Thanks to the admin, “Big C” giving me this plot of land (Which used to be a graveyard, no less.), I’ve been hard at work building this place up from the ground. It wasn’t easy, I nearly died several times just getting the electrical system in place and the foundations were a nightmare,  but I still did it!

Theres still a little more to do, there’s a slight uprising of the dead caused by my building but I’ll sort that out soon enough. (Hopefully with no gunfire.)

Anyway, until next time 🙂

New category for all your Peace stuff!

Hey people, good to see you again. Anyway, I’ve got a new category just for my posts. It’s called “Peace’s Lounge” and im really looking forward to posting there.


Come along if you feel like grabbing a drink and chilling with me and my posts sometime 🙂


Seeya there, Peaceandlead.